JAL HOUSE - Water the hub of life

We as Jal house together allow life to flow within us as and among we live together.

We live together with love and unity small or big alike.

Water has three forms Solid, Liquid and Gas. We are together solid and strong like a rock in times of difficulty, we flow and filled ourselves like liquid to every part of our being to make it cool, soft and green. Some time we are invisible like gas but still hold so much life in the form of water to bring newness in to the dry places of others. We believe in living in love and harmony, upholding each other to reach for the sky and we shall continue to do so.

“Water the hub of life” We are being groomed together to impart life to so many.We hope that with the efforts of each and every member of our House, we will succeed in remaining the "Best House" in the School.

Best Wishes

Mr. Ajay Shrotriya

Mobile: 9927005713
Email: ajay.shrotriya@selaqui.org


News at a Glance

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