AKASH HOUSE - Synonymous with sky -boundless and beautiful

Students of Akash House proudly boast of a rich seam of talents and potent energy. The house enjoys a unique culture of junior –senior bonding. The juniors are nurtured and helped at all levels to make their stay pleasant and memorable at SelaQui.

I joined Akash House as House Mentor this year and within a couple of days I felt like I had always been part of the House - such was the warmth! I consider myself fortunate to be associated with a House full of energy and a ‘never say die’ attitude. There is active participation of the students of Akash House in various games, creative writing, debates, declamation, and notice board presentation besides being good at academics.

The response of the Parents has been very positive in almost all aspects, which gives me immense satisfaction and pride. We also have a large number of foreign students from all around the globe. The House has perfectly included the foreigner students in a compatible manner with inimitable ease. In the end, I would like to say that the House will always strive to accomplish the motto of SelaQui- “Strive to lead”.

Best Wishes

Mr. Harsh Bajaj

Mobile: 09927016229
Email: harsh.bajaj@selaqui.org


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