Dear Parents,
As you all know that school is breaking for summer vacations from 28th May 2017(Sunday). Every year school provides dispersal facility to all the students from Dehradun to Delhi and return journey. You are requested to book a seat for your ward in school bus from Dehradun to Delhi on 28th May 2017. The bus would probably reach Delhi around 6pm on the same day at Hotel Vishal Residency, Mahipalpur. You are requested to receive your ward from the same place. The students who will be further travelling through flight to their places will be dropped to the respective terminals as per the flight tickets. Please make sure that all the flight are booked only after 8pm on 28th May 2017 or before 12pm on 29th May2017. Studnets who would be travelling via flight to their respective destinations would be requiring hotel rooms to stay, which will be arranged by the school in advance. In order to make the above process smooth and successful please fill in the following information and send to me as reply on sharad.agarwal@selaqui.org.

Dispersal required(Ddn to Delhi)(Y/N):
Travelling through flight(Y/N):
Hotel room required:
Attach flight ticket

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