Food Committee

Aim and Mission

The aim of Food Council is to help and advise the Catering Manager in running the Dining Hall in an efficient manner by recommending changes in the menu and service within the budget allocated to the Dining Hall. The idea is to have a menu which is nutritious, healthy and popular. An additional aim is to allow students to participate in discussions and policy making.  


The Food Council can suggest changes in the menu as well as provide an alternative, feasible menu. The Food Council will have to work within the budget provided by the Headmaster to the Catering Manager for the academic year. The Headmaster can use his discretion in matter dealt with by the Food Council and will be the final point of appeal.

Compositions:  The Food Council will consist of following members.

  1. Headmaster (Chairman)
  2. Senior Master
  3. Bursar
  4. Catering Manager
  5. Head of Student's Welfare
  6. Head of Academics
  7. A representative from Housemasters’ Council
  8. A representative from the Teachers’ Body
  9. School Captain
  10. Head Girl  (Secretary)
  11. All House Vice  Captains
  12. Two junior representative from class 5 – 8( through voting)
  13. From each House, 2 senior representative from class 9 -12(not an appointee)
  14. One AHM representative

Meeting and Agenda

The Food Council will meet at least once a month in the library or any other place decided by Headmaster. Everyone should be dressed formally for the meeting. The Head Girl will maintain the agenda and minutes of the meeting in a register.


News at a Glance