Library Council


To inculcate a healthy reading habit among students of SelaQui International School and to obtain suggestions on how to improve the facilities in the library. An additional aim is to allow students to participate in discussions and policy making.  


The scope of Library Council includes but is not limited to the purchase of books/journals and audio - video resources. It should concern itself with making the library a vibrant and frequented place for the students. The Library Council has to work within the budget provided in an academic year.

  1. Headmaster (Chairman)
  2. Senior Master
  3. Bursar
  4. Head of Academics
  5. Librarian (Secretary
  6. Head of Student's Welfare
  7. A representative from Housemaster’s Council
  8. A representative from Teacher’s Body
  9. School Captain
  10. Head Girl
  11. Two junior representative from class 5 – 8( through voting)
  12. From each House, 2 senior representative from class 9 -12(not an appointee)

Meeting and Agenda:

The Library Council will meet at least once a month in the library. Everyone should be dressed formally for the meeting. The Librarian will maintain the agenda and minutes of the meeting in a register.


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