Integrated 2 Year IIT/Medical Program

1) Integrated 2 Year Residential Program - JEE (Main + Advanced)

SelaQui International School, is offering Gurukul, a program for super-achievers. In this course, preparation for competitive exams for Engineering such as IIT-JEE/AIEEE etc. and formal school education/Board Exams is completely synchronized under one roof.

This program, developed by SelaQui is a revolutionary approach for competitive exams preparation, which surpasses all the known formats of coaching. The main advantage of this course is that it synchronizes preparation for multiple exams and saves students' time, as they do not have to travel between coaching classes and school. This approach enables a stress free learning environment and a dual advantage for students enabling them to excel in competitive exams and produce best results in the school/board exams.

Teachers are always available to all students for individual doubt-solving thereby enabling the teacher to adopt a methodology best suited to the specific child. This helps the teacher to further monitor the child's progress making sure what is taught is understood correctly.

2) Integrated 2 Year Residential Program - Medical (NEET/AIPMT)

SelaQui International School, is offering Gurukul, a program for super-achievers. In this course, preparation for competitive exams for Medical such as NEET/AIPMT etc. and formal school education/board exams is completely synchronized under one roof.

With the introduction of 6 AIIMs like institutions and planning of introduction of 100 more medical colleges, there has been a rapid increase in student's interest towards medical career and enhanced chances of success in medical entrance examinations.

Looking at today's scenario changing consistently, the current changes being introduced in the world of Competitive Exam preparation, Integrated Learning Approach is a boon for students as they can achieve success in Competitive Examination as well as Board / School Examination.

In our Integrated School Program, students are prepared for competitive examinations along with their School Board preparation during the school hours and within the school premises. This saves ample time for self-study and ultimately leads to crystal clear clarity of concepts. This program is well in line with the revised NEET pattern, where no stone will be left unturned in paving the way to success for students by preparing them for Competitive Examinations and school formal education ( for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics / Biology) at the same time.

In such a case, we would like to ensure that our students are the biggest beneficiaries in the era of consistently and rapidly changing trends in education. On realizing the needs of our students in present times and considering regular requests from parents, we are providing an opportunity to students who want to choose medicine as their career option.

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