Your Leading Boarding School In Uttarakhand

There is a beauty related to boarding school, which is pretty hard to ignore. Students get a whole new experience of leaving hundreds of miles away from their comfort zone and with new fellow friends to create a meaningful bonding, which is designed to last forever. Moreover, with boarding schools, your kids will get the much-awaited overall development, which is hard to procure from other educational centers.

The next time you are planning to look for the best boarding school in Uttarakhand, SelaQui is the name that comes popping up to your mind. It is nestled amidst the idyllic village in Uttarakhand and is noted to be an international school for both boys and girls.

The expansive campus of around 52 acres is what makes this boarding school completely different from the rest. It is affiliated with the CBSE board and this school offers a perfect setting for holistic and experiential education.

The mission and vision:

The primary vision of SelaQui is to highlight its commitments to excellence, leadership, and value. The main goal is to shape the future of each and every student in the way needed and prepare them for the upcoming world.

  • By always standing at the forefront of the comprehensive practices, SelaQui is currently ranked as one of the top international schools all over Uttarakhand.
  • This school is known for presenting the most promising international student community. This community houses members from 15 different countries and 25 states of India.
  • So, it isn’t hard to state that SelaQui is a mixture of culture and friendships. Students from various corners of the world will come to be a part of this center.

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Opportunities that are hard to miss out on:

The SelaQui international school is here to provide open arms opportunities to every possible student. The main goal is to guide them toward their interesting pathways and help to improve their notes in those areas.

  • All the students over here are encouraged to set up a series of goals that they will create for themselves. Those goals need to be mapped out accordingly.
  • Some of the unique practices followed by SelaQui will be goal-setting practice and the noteworthy Harkness table method.
  • The curriculum is mainly designed around communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, citizenship, and character. All the chosen activities are oriented towards the same.
  • It is often considered to be a multi-dimensional platform. Moreover, SelaQui is a student-centric institution, presenting multiple programs and opportunities to adore.
  • The main aim of this center is to encourage learning, which is not quite restricted to textbooks but beyond the closed confinements.
  • SelaQui is committed to attaining excellence in not just educating students, but also nurturing and developing each and every individual.
  • The main goal of this institution is to serve the nation and the global platform by fostering the development of compassionate and noble human beings.

Inspiring the young minds:

SelaQui is all set to inspire all the young minds coming under its belt to help develop the ultimate potential. The team of well-trained teachers and the management staff are all set to inspire students in developing some lifelong learning within a culturally exciting and intellectually innovative educational environment.

The unique educational techniques that your kids will get from SelaQui will help them to develop emotional knowledge along with some interpersonal skills. All these points will prepare the little ones to lead successful and purposeful lives. The teachers from this said institution will encourage the proper development of their creative skills and the aesthetic sensibilities of the kids. It helps them to comprehend and then finally contribute to the world, which is beyond the certainties of daily lives.

A perfect residential school:

SelaQui International School is your one-stop solution, whenever you are planning to enroll your kids in a residential school. It helps in creating an environment, where students come to learn about multiple values and ethnicities, not just in lessons but within boarding houses as well!

Our teachers and staff members from SelaQui will offer every student the support needed, whether emotionally, physically, or with an academic push. We will help to push every student to their final boundaries to help them excel in a competitive lifestyle later. Right from helping them to learn new skills to developing relationships within a friendly environment, they will get it all from SelaQui International School.

Classified programs available:

SelaQui is known to house some of the best specialist and classified programs. The main goal of these programs is to help students in excelling in all extra-curricular and curricular activities.

  • The main goal of these intensive programs is to guide students to get selected, fit in, and then get accepted into some of the renowned universities, not just in India but abroad as well.
  • As we follow international educational guidance, we will be preparing your kids for the upcoming world from a tender age. So, moving abroad for further international studies won’t be that tough for the kids to handle anymore.
  • We are going to well-equip our students to stand on all the global platforms. We do that by fostering and finally nurturing the potential of each and every student under our belt.

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Promising boarding schools for both boys and girls:

If you want your kids to turn into responsible human beings, enrolling them in our SelaQui International Boarding School in Uttarakhand, is taking you one step closer to your dreams. Under strict and friendly faculty members, your kids will be well-nourished and turn into valuable individuals.

  • With our dynamic environment, you can expect the best strategic mental growth of the little ones.
  • Our diversified environment will facilitate innovation and creativity in approaching each and every student now.
  • Right from extracurricular activities to community services, clubs to even leadership opportunities, we have it all.

So, whether you want your kids to enjoy cultural excursions or improve educational grounds, SelaQui International School will be their happy place to grow.

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